The Friends of Jack Foundation Awards $200,000 To 3 Local Hospitals As Part of 2023 Funding

The Friends of Jack Foundation will fund 3 grants for a total of $200,000 in 2023.

Southcoast Health (New Bedford, MA)

A pledge of $100,000 to Southcoast Health will cover the total cost of 2 part-time child life specialists in St. Luke’s Hospital emergency department for the next year and the purchase of a new Giraffe Warmer for the Combined Unit at St. Luke’s.

Boston Children’s Hospital at Tobey Hospital (Wareham, MA)

A pledge of $50,000 will cover the cost of a new “Rosie the Robot” at Tobey Hospital in Wareham. This technology, which has been in use at St. Luke’s since 2017, will allow pediatric ED doctors at Tobey to telecommunicate directly with specialists at Boston Children’s in Boston.

With an increase in pediatric patient visits to the ED but not necessarily an increase in acuity, this technology will help physicians determine if a patient can be treated locally or needs to be transferred for a higher level of care.

Hasbro Children’s Hospital (Providence, RI)

A pledge of $50,000 to support Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Child Life Department. This will help to cover part of the cost of one of the CLS in the hospital.

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