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Here's a little more about our foundation and the work we do in the community.

Founded in 2019, Friends of Jack’s mission is to provide and expand overlooked programs that benefit the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being for children and families throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While navigating stressful hospital stays with her son, Jack, Founder Jill Fearons recognized the importance of overlooked healthcare programs and child life specialists in coping with scary and unfamiliar medical situations.

This experience inspired Jill to create the Friends of Jack Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting children’s mental health and well-being along with their physical health while undergoing treatment. We accomplish this mission through several programs, including our Superhero program, Hero Bears, Therapy Cars and Comfort Dogs.

As we provide children with superhero capes, masks, and bears to help them feel less alone, Friends of Jack also pays for the salary and all associated costs of child life specialists at local hospitals throughout the South Coast and Providence.

Mission Statement

To provide and support overlooked programs that enhance the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being for children across the SouthCoast region of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.