Jill Fearons
President/Founder, Friends of Jack Foundation

Jill Fearons began the Friends of Jack Foundation in 2019 to honor her son, Jack, who survived a condition called Chiari Malformation, in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal.

When he was 5 years old, Jack endured two major surgeries to treat the condition. Following his second surgery, Jack spent more than a month in a medically-induced coma at Boston Children’s Hospital. Jill spent nearly every moment at his side during this time.

It was during this difficult period that Jill observed the crucial roles that nursing staff and Child Life Specialists play in not only lifting the spirits of the young patients, but also the parents and family members as well.

Unfortunately, in the time that Jack was hospitalized, not every family had a happy ending. When Jill walked out of the hospital with Jack, she vowed to support all the families that were not as fortunate.


Today, Jack is a happy 10-year-old, who lives with a programmable magnetic shunt to treat the hydrocephalus that resulted from his second surgery. He is a gifted musician and recently began to play lacrosse. While he still faces obstacles, everything is great at the moment.

Jill, who has a degree in Elementary Education, lives in Mattapoisett, MA, with her husband, George, their six children, and golden lab, Tugger.